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A music based podcast for you to test drive. Can’t remember how I found this one, but once I had listened to a few episodes, it certainly caught my attention because it does exactly what it says on the tin. 2 guys explaining (in detail) why your favorite band sucks. And they don’t hold back.

The format is very straight forward. The guys pick a very well known band, in some cases VERY well known, and rip into them. No band seems to be spared their wrath – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Nirvana – bands that pretty much defined their decade or inspired entire genres are given the treatment.

I started by winding this podcast back to the start and listened to their very first episode, which covered the Beatles. I am not a huge Beatles maniac, but I appreciate their music and what they did for the world of rock and pop. They are an institution.

However, this podcast takes off the ‘rose tinted glasses’ and looks at the underbelly of the band, warts and all. They brought up points and facts that have been conveniently forgotten to history. They call them a manufactured boy band – nothing but marketing, hype and propaganda. They actually have the balls to say that the Beatles made…dare I even say it…bad music. It gets you thinking.

So I listened to some of the other episodes. After a while, you can’t help yourself agreeing with some of the things that these guys say. It actually feels quite liberating to hear someone relentlessly criticize something that you had always just accepted as being ‘good’. It makes you realize that there are always two sides to an argument. And it doesn’t hurt that some of the stuff that these guys come out with is downright hysterical. Like, piss your pants funny.

Then I listened to the “Christmas Music Sucks” episode. As you might be able to guess, these guys are not fans of Christmas music, and they have a point – it can be annoying and I am personally glad that it only gets played for a month or so each year. But what is Christmas without Christmas music. Get over it, bitches, Christmas music is and always will be “a thing”.

But with me, they hit a personal nerve. One of my claims to fame is that my Grandfather wrote “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. And, yes – these knuckleheads went after that song. “Oh, so you saw your mom cheating on your dad! That’s some fucked up Freudian shit right there!” Thanks guys, it was written about my uncle when he was 5. You are ragging on my family history here. Screw you.

But I guess that is the point of the podcast. Pointing out that bands are not just awesome because they get airplay, sell millions of records and we get TOLD that they are awesome. These guys fly in the face of accepted public opinion, challenge what they hear in the main stream media and put an aggressive, alternative point of view out there, regardless of who they might piss off or how much hate mail they might get.

And…I’m going to leave that right there….

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