Ty Segall – Dark Rock That Scares the Kids

I recently won a ‘Father of the Year’ award after we found out that my 7 year old had been watching this thing called “5 Nights At Freddy’s” on his iPad. It is actually a dumb video game that is completely inappropriate for kids but 100% targeted and marketed to kids, with fan videos ALL over Youtube. So, of course, my boy loved it.

Unsurprisingly, it gave the poor little chap nightmares, so we had to cut that off immediately. However, several weeks later I was playing some music in the background and he came up to me with tears in his eyes. Whats wrong, I asked. Its that music, he said – it sounds like that scary 5 Nights at Freddies voice. The Song? ‘Breakfast Eggs’ by Ty Segall.

No doubt, Ty Segall delivers music that is loud, psychedelic and a little bit dark. I put it on in the background while we were taking down Christmas decorations and the wife was giving me some very strange looks after 2 or 3 songs. Know your audience, DJ.

Ty Segall likes his fuzzy guitar tones, pounding beats, heavy riffs and strong vocals. Segall is actually from the US west coast, but I immediately noticed influences of Britpop coming through. Those of us who were rocking along in the UK during the 90s will recognize strains of Stone Roses, Blur, Pulp and Cast.

There is some White Stripes and a good smattering of Tame Impala in there as well. ‘Body Behavior’ could have been co written with Pete Townsend and the Beatles, and Segalls version/cover of Hot Chocolate’s “Every 1’s a Winner” is…well…a winner.

It all sounds comfortingly familiar, but it is still undoubtedly a sound to itself.

There is plenty of material to choose from as well. Segall has produced 10 studio albums as well as a number of collaborations, so dig in and poke around his back catalog.

As I found out the hard way, finding the right time and place to crank up some Segall is a little tricky. Its not for everyone’s taste. Loud, fuzzy rock guitar riffs don’t make the best everyday background music, but for some Friday night party music with the right group of people, this will definitely raise the energy levels. If you can’t find the right group of people, put it on anyway and make converts out of them because Ty Segall is worth some attention.

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