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So this one is a touchy subject. I am trying to work out if I can justify recommending a podcast about True Crime and murder. I have always thought that giving any kind of media attention to serial killers and murderers acts as a catalyst and inspiration for the next psychopath to go out and do the same thing, or even try and out do them. The ultimate vicious circle.

Then you have to consider the victim’s families. Do they really appreciate people recounting events that must continue to haunt them every waking moment of their lives? Hearing descriptions and analysis of the acts of unspeakable cruelty and depravity inflicted on their loved ones?

It’s a fine line. But, unfortunately, you only have to scroll through the first few offerings in any “Storytelling” podcast library to see that the public has a virtually insatiable appetite for this type of thing. Is that a sad reflection on our society? Of course it is. Is it inescapable? Absolutely.

I will put my hand up and say that I have as much of a morbid fascination for this subject matter as the next guy. I have watched my fair share of “Criminal Minds”, I was mesmerized and disturbed by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. But that is fiction. Delving into True Crime stories and the real depths of evil that humanity is capable of is a whole different ball game.

It all comes down to curiosity, and that is where the “True Crime All The Time” podcast scratches the darkest of itches. The host Mike Ferguson and his sidekick Mike “Gibby” Gibson have already recorded over 100 episodes covering the most depraved serial killers, murderers, pedophiles and rapists of the last 100 years and they spare no details. On the face of it, it is difficult to comprehend why this type of storytelling would be remotely appealing – but it is.

The stories are chronological, picking a criminal and giving detailed information on their background, childhood, home life and upbringing – all the while Mike and Gibby are looking for clues and speculating as to how they could devolve into such monsters. They then go into extremely graphic detail describing the murders, how they evaded capture, the progression and escalation of the subjects crimes and how they were ultimately apprehended and sentenced.

Mike and Gibby approach the subject matter with a noticeable air of respect, but there is also an element of dark humor injected into the shows. The humor fits… just… and helps to make the material a little more accessible. Although the majority of each episode is taken up with Mike and Gibby’s conversation, they also use audio from interviews with the murderers themselves which adds an even more chilling and undeniable realism to the stories.

Why are True Crime podcasts so popular? Why can’t we get enough of serial killers and murderers? Who knows. Maybe it is the feeling of controlled fear from the safety of your armchair. Maybe it is the intoxicating adrenaline rush that seems to come from hearing about the absolute worst that humanity has to offer. Either way, its not going away and the True Crime All The Time podcast is well and truly worth a listen – if you like that sort of thing.

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