Scott Biram – A One Man Band

Considering that he is a ‘One Man Band’, Scott Biram can put out some noise. Shuffling through Spotify, it can take something a bit different to jump out and stand out, and Scott Biram manages it. Guitar heavy, there is plenty of blues, rock and roll and attitude driving through the speakers – if you like your music rough, ready and straight to the point, this is for you.

The blues and rock influence is immediately apparent, Biram keeps his guitar playing simple but effective with catchy licks and toe tapping rhythms.

Biram’s recording style is raw and you can’t help but imagine what this guy is like performing live – it sounds like strolls on stage, plugs his guitar in, adds a couple of pedals and just lets rip, no messing around. Some of his riffs will continue rattling around your brain for hours.

His songs are about boozing, smoking, screwing and touring, and he doesn’t mince his words. If you have impressionable kids, make sure they are either in another room or running around with cotton wool in their ears – Biram doesn’t hold back on the F bombs and Spotify doesn’t censor them – Biram’s ‘Alcohol Blues’ for example….

Biram manages to write songs about struggles and tough life experiences but delivers them with an “I don’t give a f*ck” sense of bravado that will put a smile on your face. He leaves you thinking “He doesn’t seem to care, so why should I”. Its fun stuff to listen to.

Although loud, fast and in your face may be Biram’s musical sweet spot, he also throws in plenty of tracks that will slow the tempo and calm the atmosphere. This is great drinking music, just don’t be surprised if you start out sipping on a beer and end up pounding shots.

There have been a number of more traditional, grass roots Americana music acts gaining in popularity recently, and Biram certainly fits that mold. Biram has been recording albums since 2002 and he has a back catalog of 10 albums worth of material. If you are playing purely Biram radio on Spotify, you will start to hear a few repetitions after a couple of hours, but that’s not a bad thing because these songs are worth hearing more than once.

If you are planning a quiet, relaxing evening, this may not be the best choice of background music. However, if you are heading on a Bachelor weekend or just hanging out with the guys on a Saturday night, crank it up.

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Artists need to make a living – use this link to iTunes and download a Scott Biram album 

Click here to find Scott Biram on Spotify 


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