Sass Jordan – Canadian Vocal Firepower

I found out about Sass Jordan through a podcast, The Classic Rock Album By Album Podcast. The guys who make the podcast are Canadian, so it stands to reason that they review an album from their own market, and Sass Jordan seems to be one of Canada’s better kept musical secrets.

Sass Jordan has been making music for a while, singing in bands from the age of 16 and releasing her first solo album in 1986. Jordan’s voice itself seems to be something of a force of nature. It sounds like it should be raspy, but it isn’t. It should be hoarser, but it isn’t. It’s immediately recognizable and individual. It works perfectly with her musical style and the vocal delivery is consistently fierce.

One of the most attractive aspects of her music is the artists she collaborates with. The music is guitar heavy and she has worked with guitarists of the caliber of Ritchie Kotzen (Poison, The Winery Dogs and 20+ solo albums) and Jeff Healey. Between the searing guitars and the pure energy from Jordan’s voice, the music demands attention.

This is bluesey, heavy ‘classic’ rock that Jordan herself says is “meant to be played loud and proud”. Fans of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Heart should take a listen.

Jordan has been making music for well over 30 years, and playing through some of her back catalog is a great illustration of how artists and production styles evolve over the course of a career. Some of her earlier stuff is absolutely 80s-tastic, especially the song ‘Broken’ from her debut album “Tell Somebody”.

Move along to the 90s album ‘Rats’, and the music is noticeably angrier, more aggressive and packs more of a punch. ‘High Road Easy’ is one of the stand outs from the ‘Rats’ album, with rocktastic riffs and belting vocals.

Jordan can also bring the tempo and mood back down – ‘I want to believe’ has an almost folky quality with a Beatlesesque twist. Jordan has 9 studio albums to her name, with her most recent album released in 2009, so there is plenty of material and 30 years of progression to work though on Spotify or Pandora.

Jordan really doesn’t fit into the ‘Hidden Gem’ category, she has built legions of fans across the globe and her music is great for every occasion. However, it took me a while to get introduced to her, and if you are also a Sass first timer, use the links below to find her on Spotify or iTunes and find out what she is all about – you will be glad you did.

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Artists need to make a living – use this link to iTunes and download a Sass Jordan album 

Click here to find Sass Jordan on Spotify 



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