Pokey Lafarge – A Musical Time Machine

If Pokey Lafarge had been making music in the year 2000, he would have been a shoe in for the “O Brother Where Art Thou?” movie soundtrack. Very few artists have the true ability to make you feel as if you are listening to music in a time machine, but Pokey Lafarge does – he will transport you back to a Midwest farm porch at the turn of the (20th) century in the blink of an eye. Heavy ragtime blues and early jazz influences are very clear, and LaFarge brings the same feel, swing and easy mood to all his music.

Releasing his first album in 2006, LaFarge is bringing old time Americana music back to a modern audience and making it sound fresh and authentic in the process. Upbeat and positive, fans of BB King, Robert Johnson, Classic Country and even the White Stripes should take a listen.
Listening to just one LaFarge track illustrates what you can expect from his music – that’s not to say that all of his songs sound the same, rather that when it comes to developing a unique and signature style, Pokey has nailed it.

It’s difficult to try and categorize LaFarge’s musical sound in one word. Vintage, retro, whimsical, country, traditional – all come close but don’t quite capture it. LaFarge manages to blend bluesy melodies with a jazzy, ragtime swing and pulls it all together with a vibrato in his vocals that transports the listener back to a different time. Few artists have captured a sound that is so reminiscent of the golden age of Americana music yet so unmistakably modern.

With 8 albums of material, there is plenty of Pokey variety to shuffle through on Spotify. With his swinging tempos and easy beats, don’t be surprised if you find your toe tapping or your fingers clicking along. Listen out for the tracks “Something in the Water” and “Wellington” and you may even find yourself busting a couple of Pokey inspired dance moves.

Pokey Lafarge makes great background music for a relaxing summers day or after dinner drinks with friends. His tempo and style won’t necessarily get a party started, but it will definitely help you unwind if you are all partied out on a Sunday afternoon.

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