Karl Morgan – Guitar Blues With Soul

Ok, so this one is a bit of a different find. I didn’t randomly stumble across Karl Morgan on Spotify, I actually stumbled across Karl Morgan in a hotel bar outside Austin, Texas. He was playing in the corner with his trio, and from what I could gather, I was the only person in the room who was utterly captivated by his excellent guitar playing.

While everyone else in the bar was guzzling drinks or playing pool, Karl was in the corner plying his trade. I think that the fact that no one seemed to be paying attention is testament to how good he is. He just became part of the atmosphere. His upbeat, easy listening, soulful blues provided the perfect soundtrack to a busy Friday night in a crowded hotel bar.

After he finished his set, I went over and introduced myself. To my surprise, I found out he was Australian and he told me that he had been in the Austin areas for a couple of years playing the circuit, doing the Stevie Ray Vaughn thing. Austin has a rich history of quality live music, and Karl Morgan fits right into that mold.

Karl has 2 albums on Spotify and they are both very well executed. I have sat and listened to his material for hours and there is hardly a bum note or missed beat to be heard. Technically, he is an accomplished guitarist.

Musically, his style is relaxed, laid back and soulful. Think bluesy soft rock – John Meyer without the groupies, some of ZZ Tops slower stuff or even Kenny Wayne Shepherd without the wailing solos. He mixes more upbeat tracks like ‘Aint No Man’ and ‘Natural Condition’ (which has an opening slide guitar riff that needs to be heard) with slower songs like the very bluesy ‘Sweetness’ and an excellent cover of Bobby Hebb’s ‘Sunny’.

This is great music to listen to on a quiet Sunday morning, or to have on in the background while you are busy working. Even one of my country music addicted Texan friends commented that “this is some good ‘day drinking’ music”, so if Karl Morgan’s chilled guitar chops can impress him, maybe he could impress you as well.

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Artists need to make a living – use this link to iTunes and download an album by Karl Morgan 

Click here to find Karl Morgan on Spotify 

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