The Classic Rock Album By Album Podcast – Not What You Might Think

I hadn’t really listened to Podcasts until I got on Spotify, having always been more of a music guy. However, always willing to try new things, I started looking through Podcast libraries and saw there was a big market for true crime, murder and serial killer stories. I listened to a few of those for a few weeks (which satisfied a morbid curiosity), but then I started to look for other, more upbeat topics – namely podcasts about music.

Eventually, I stumbled across the Classic Rock Album By Album podcast. It caught my eye because they had just reviewed a Stevie Ray Vaughn album, so I took a listen and was hooked immediately. The hosts went into serious detail about musical styles and influences, the production techniques, the guitars, amps, equipment and the artist’s history – truly fascinating. When they went through the track by track analysis of the album, the amount of technical detail they could pull out of the songs was mesmerizing. It was captivating stuff.

Then the Led Zeppelin I episode came out. I am a massive Zep head and when I saw it pop up on the episode listing, I couldn’t click on it fast enough. THE ultimate Classic Rock band’s debut album featuring on the Classic Rock Album By Album Podcast…this was going to be awesome.

Oh. My. God.

They crucified it. Absolutely tore it apart and left it bleeding on the side of the road. It was as if I was listening to one of the serial killer podcasts again. No mercy. Relentless. A true beating.

So, you might ask, why am I recommending this podcast? Because I genuinely think that these guys know what they are talking about. By these guys, I mean the two hosts, Lee Bowie and Chris Karson. Both are Canadian with a noticeable twang and both have a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of all things ROCK. Obviously, they have plenty of time to prepare notes and do research for their shows ahead of time, but still – you can tell that a large majority of their conversation and analysis is pulled out of thin air. Could they be talking complete bollocks? Yes. But is it convincing, interesting and entertaining bollocks? Absolutely.

The name of the podcast is also a little deceiving. You would expect any podcast with the phrase “Classic Rock” in the title to focus purely on “Classic Rock”, but they don’t. They look at a wide variety of early and more recent Rock albums and ask the question “is this a classic?”. Out of the 25 episodes they have aired so far (at the time of writing), they have already broken down albums by Royal Blood, Weezer, The Offspring and Soundgarden. Pair that alongside episodes covering Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones and AC/DC and you can see they are serving up a great variety of different rock vintages for analysis.

I highly recommend checking this podcast out. My only criticism is that they are not all that regular in releasing their shows, sometimes going 2-3 weeks between episodes (come on guys, I need to get my fix!), but other than that, the Classic Rock Album By Album Podcast is well and truly worth a listen.

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